Hold The Light

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙

It’ll be a tough energy week for many. For energy sensitive peeps, you’ve already noticed INtense feels and waves of emotions. We’re working through the recent lunar eclipse, the 11/11 portal and yesterday’s upgrades. The energy is hitting our most densest places where we hold some of our darkest fears.

Many are trying to “get back to normal”. There is no normal anymore. We’re not going back anywhere. We’re living the new energetic grids and new codes so we’re navigating new territory. The old is gone. The new is here. Things will feel unfamiliar for a bit until the big winter solstice on Dec 21st.

Here’s a great guided journey by Steve Nobel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf5jTVeYrC8

Remember, my saying, when it’s dark outside, keep the light on!

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