Tower Moments

I’ve heard about a few “tower moments” so far this week. (It’s only Monday 🤦🏻‍♀️).


With this Friday’s full moon / lunar eclipse in Taurus, expect the unexpected regarding the home & heart(h).


Like the bull in the China shop, things may come crashing down.


A lot of card slingers like me wince when we pull out the Tower card from the tarot. The (mis)perception is that big bad shake ups are on tap. And, yet, what you thought was on solid foundation was actually built on falsehoods and illusions. Whatever is falling apart or changing – isn’t happening to your detriment– it’s happening for your own good.


Everything has to fall apart, so that you can sort through the rubble and rebuild stronger and better.


What existed before the upheaval couldn’t last and shouldn’t survive, but it had been going on for so long that only a lightning strike could shock you into moving on.


Trust that good or bad, right or wrong, everything is here to help us even when it looks like the opposite.


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