Buckle UP – We’re IN Eclipse Season Again!

Soul Explorers!


Buckle UP buttercups, we’re in Eclipse season agaIN!

Eclipse season are times to course correct and get things right. Eclipses send a surge of high frequency energy to help up make profound changes in our lives. This is one of the last opportunities to get your shit straight this year. They usher IN our evolution and help us tap INto our potential. The main characteristic of eclipses is that they can bring IN sudden unexpected information that may drastically impact the rest of our lives. In the wee hours of Nov 19th, we have a partial lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus. This lunation helps us to get in touch with our bodies and seek the right alignment regarding love, finance, and self-worth. Trust your heart. It know the way hOMe. However, with this full moon also being a lunar eclipse, we’ll have to simultaneously brace ourselves for unexpected events and sudden shifts — which can throw us out of our comfort zones. For many who’ve been slow or sitting on the fence, this will be a go(o)d thing since open doors don’t stay open forever. So it will be important to find ways to stay grounded through the upheaval.

Join me for my full moon lunar eclipse ceremony Beaver Full Moon Magic With Jennifer Clark that I’ll be hosting on Thurs night Nov 18th at 7:30pm ET $22.22 CDN.

And, for those really wanting to usher IN change and transformation, join us Become A Warrior Of Light – Integrated Energy Therapy Certification where I have strategically scheduled the last Master-Instructor level teaching on this lunar eclipse full moon cycle to give my students that EXTRA oomph they need!

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