Busy As a Beaver – Beaver Full Moon

Beaver Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Meditation
Thurs, Nov 18th, 2021
7:30pm to 8:45pm ET
$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPal

REGISTER HERE https://bit.ly/3obAzg2

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The first full moon of November is Fri Nov 19th at 3:57 am. It is known as the Beaver Moon. This is the time beavers would be most active in the preparation for winter. Beaver medicine is all about solutions and getting prepared.

We also have a partial lunar eclipse which amplifies EVERY thing so buckle up buttercups!

Find out more about the Beaver Full Moon here.

As always, I’ll be online hosting my monthly full moon meditation via Zoom.

We are at a pivotal time in human evolution. This is the time we were born to be active agents of change from withIN and from without.

It is time to stand up and move in the direction of your dreams and your purpose. Who and what do you want to be in the world? Fight for what you think is right. Stand UP in your Truth. It’s time for the world to see who you are really ARE.

✔️Guided Meditation
✔️Shamanic Journey
✔️Collective Oracle Card Reading
No experience necessary.

Benefits include:

⚡️Increased clarity
⚡️Increased ease, grace & flow
⚡️Doors opening & new opportunities
⚡️Increased sense of safety & security
⚡️Groundedness & balance

Register here https://bit.ly/3obAzg2

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