Warrior UP – IET Certification

Soul Explorers!🤙

Do you believe in magic? As we grow older, your natural magic can fade if your heart & head become disconnected. Fear, doubt, insecurity of the “real” world can cloud your inner magic. But there is always hope and magic in the world if you simply know where to look for it. Do you have eyes that can see? Do you have a heart that can feel? Yeats wrote, “the world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

My son and I saw two shooting stars this weekend and they were glorious filling us with the hope of what else is possible. I saw the magic of Mother Spider spinning her web the Great Weaver Of Life showing me the precision of Nature. I felt the magic of ancient stones creating a bridge between the surface world and the subterranean consciousness of planet Earth reminding me we are not alone. I heard the laughter of happy healthy children playing outside and felt the power of joy lift the darkness.Your magic is needed in this world now more than ever.

Consider joining my Become A Warrior Of Light – Integrated Energy Therapy Certification


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