Australia We Are With You!

We Are With You Australia! A Meditation For A Change

Recorded Live on Fri Oct 1, 2021

Join like-minded heart-centred free people as we connect via Zoom on a guided meditation for Truth, Justice, Healing & Harmony for Australia and all parts of the world in re-evolution.

01/10 is a day of transformation! The meaning of 0110 in numerology reveals that you should use your natural talents to better yourself and the world around you; to make a difference; to be the change. It is a numerological message to live y(our) life and exploring the limits of your potential! This is important for you, but also for others. It is a time of service to al life everywhere. Bring your uniqueness to the world and discover the great things that you can do.

Your individuality will make you stand out from the crowd. You are being called to exercise personal power and authority in your life. Number 0110 is urging you to focus on the things that make you different because they define the person that you are. Turn your uniqueness into and positive and powerful thing.

By joining and multiplying your Light quotient, we make ripples of positive change happen within us and all around us. We send this love out to our sister Australia and all of the freedom fighters t(here).

No experience necessary. Just an open mind and open heart to serve.

This is a FREE guided non-denominational journey.

Take what resonates. Leave what doesn’t.

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