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Tapping into the collective unconscious can feel very scary to highly sensitive people. Fear not Soul Explorers, this too is IN divine and perfect order. This global shi(f)t is turbulent, challenging, scary and yet very very necessary. It’s Virgo season. With the Pisces full moon coming up Sept 20th, the exact day of our election, it is time to shine some light INto the darkness. It is time for illumi-Nation.

The Moon card in the tarot deck represents secrets being revealed. We will be witnessing the dam cracking with more and more information “leaking,” allowing more inform-ation to be read by more people. Informed consent is crucial.

Astrologer Kaypacha suggests our planet is INdeed in a crisis, a Chironic healing crisis, and this crisis will serve the children and future of humanity. For now and in the future, one thing is clear: Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. As we love, accept, acknowledge, and foster the value, quality, and genius of each and every human being we encounter, we can only be led to embrace, educate, serve, uplift, and offer assistance when and where we are able. Through such acts of kindness, however small they may seem, we strengthen the bonds of community and open each other to the spiritual realities beyond.

It all begins at home within, so please have faith, remember your why and shine your light bright!

Join me on the full moon fall equinox Full Moon Fall Equinox Ceremony With Jennifer Clark.

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