The Blessings Of The Sacred 7

The Blessings Of The Sacred 7
Sat, Sept 25th, 2021
10:00am to 4:00pm
$150 CDN incl taxes via PayPal


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Calling all Lightwarriors, Earth Angels, LightBearers, Truth Tellers & Agents Of Change!

Ego Rogavi Pro Te Ut Non Deficiat Fides Tua Et Tu Aliquando Converses Confirma Fraters Tuos

“I have prayed for you that your faith never fails and you in turn strengthen your brothers”


Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she hosts an interactive day of communion, connection and transformation offering you the blessings of the Sacred 7.It is time to rise UP, stand UP and lend your voice & your Light to the cause of unity consciousness for all life on planet Earth

Many people have felt this calling and are now more than ever being pushed to take constructive action both within their sovereign selves and without in the outer world they live in. Transformation can be tough and this cosmic transition is painful.

By working consciously with the Sacred 7, you will have more divine assistance, guidance, support, ease & flow and energetic protection to create, build, share, lead, teach, speak and do good in this world.

Jennifer Clark has been actively working with the Sacred 7 for over 20 years. She will expertly guide you through 7 specially curated ancient initiations that will allow each person to develop and deepen their own relationship with their True Soul Self and work in partnership with the galactic, angelic and animal kingdoms.

The 7 Blessings Will Offer You:

🎁Psychic protection
🎁Increased Flow & Opportunity
🎁Decoding your soul’s code
🎁Raising Your Frequency
🎁Divine Communion & Partnership With the Invisible Worlds

You will be working with The Sacred 7:

⭐7 Mighty Elohim: Hercules, Cassiopea, Orion, Purity, Cyclopea, Peace & Arcturus

⭐7 Arch Angels: Micheal, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metratron, Sandalphon & Chamuel

⭐7 Sacred Rays: Blue, Gold, Pink, Indigo, White, Green & Purple Ray

⭐7 Sacred Directions: South, West, North, East, Above, Below & Centre

⭐7 Sacred Animals: Bear, Wolf, Owl, Beaver, Eagle, Spider, Butterfly

No experience necessary. Non-denominational. Just an open mind and open heart to serve humanity.

Benefits include:

⚑️Increased clarity
⚑️Increased harmony & grace
⚑️Doors opening & new opportunities
⚑️Increased sense of safety & security
⚑️Groundedness & balance
⚑️Energy Protection
⚑️Increased divine guidance
⚑️Increased synchronicities & flow

πŸ“·Photo Credit: Chad Greiter/Unsplash

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