The Rise of the Dragon Warriors


The Rise of the Dragon Warriors
Sun, Aug 22nd, 2021
10:00am to 4:00pm
Mooney’s Bay Beach Park
Ottawa, Ontario
$200 CDN

via etransfer or PayPal


Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she hosts an interactive day of communion, connection and transformation with the dragon tribes and angelic realms of Earth.

The dragon tribes work under the office of Arch Angel Metratron and are part of the Elemental kingdoms. Magical creatures still revered in many cultures around the world, dragons work with the angelic realms to re-connect the Christ consciousness to all life on the planet known at the Christos Re-Alignment Mission.

The workshop will be facilitated near the home of Ottawa’s own 4000 year old dragon locally known as “Ancient One” by Jennifer Clark, a former Queen of Dracos, the dragon planet. Jennifer Clark has met 3 real dragons in her life and has worked with the dragon tribes and angelic realms for over 20 years. She has been called up once again by the dragon and angelic tribes to help humanity re-claim its divinity, sovereignty, magick and freedom during this pivotal time on Earth.

She will expertly guide you through through 5 separate activations and ancient initiations that will allow each person to develop their own relationship with the dragon tribes & angelic realms to receive powerful magick and medicine from each.

The dragon tribes and angelic realms will offer you:

🎁Psychic protection
🎁Removal of entities
🎁Decoding your soul’s code
🎁Crystalline DNA activation
🎁Accessing 5D manifestation tools

You will be working with:

⭐Ancient One, a 4000 year old dragon
⭐Arch Angel Metratron
⭐The Security Force Angels
⭐Earth Dragons
⭐Water Dragons
⭐Fire Dragons
⭐Air Dragons
⭐Your I AM Presence

Amplifying the power and potency of these energetic experiences is the magick of the full moon as well.

The Aquarius full moon on Sunday, August 22, 2021, aligns with the planet Jupiter. So the spiritual meaning of full moon August 2021 astrology relates to personal, material, and spiritual growth and good fortune.

The August 2021 full moon has an especially good influence on intimate relationships.

The August 22 full moon at 29°37′ Aquarius makes just one aspect but it is one of the best. The Moon with Jupiter is a sign of happiness, good fortune, and success.

No experience necessary. Just an open mind and open heart to serve humanity.

Benefits include:

⚡️Increased clarity
⚡️Increased harmony & grace
⚡️Doors opening & new opportunities
⚡️Increased sense of safety & security
⚡️Groundedness & balance
⚡️Energy Protection
⚡️Increased divine guidance
⚡️Increased synchronicities & flowI

If it rains, we will move the workshop to an online Zoom experience.

Details of exactly where we will be gathering outside will be given at registration.

You’ll need:

✔️A pen and journal
✔️A folding camp type chair
✔️A blanket or towel
✔️Water/food for the day

PS: the best burgers in Ottawa are at the Mooney’s Bay Baja Burger Shack!

Two paid parking lots on site or a free NCC parking lot at Hog’s Back Falls approximately at 10 minute walk from the workshop location.

OC Transpo route 190 drops off in front of Mooney’s Bay.

$200 CDN via e-transfer or PayPal/credit card. Please PM me for instructions or email


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