Full Moon Meditation

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! This is the last supermoon of the year – thankfully lol.

Called the Strawberry Moon, this moon is all about setting your bar higher, no longer settling for the mundane and examining how your past is limiting your choices and impacting your decisions and reactions to opportunities for love and success.


I invite you to let go. Allow. Surrender. Trust. Release. We are in the window between the summer solstice and the last supermoon of the year. This week you are invited to release and let go.

🤔What ways of being no longer serve you?

🤔What relationships?

🤔What things are ready to go?

🤔Where do you feel you need flow?

Join me online tonight at 7:30pm for Full Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark $22.22 via Zoom

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