New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

Eclipse season hits twice a year (once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter), and things can get eventful. This is the second eclipse of the season falling in Gemini.

At this Gemini solar eclipse we are extra inquisitive, intellectually daring, and our mind is as agile as our bodies. We will need to have this acrobatic ability if this eclipse drives a propensity for living on the edge. We might have to make some very narrow escapes! Watch out for interesting mental manipulations and intellectual gymnastics in the media at this time. We need to be flexible and adaptable.

There will be the problem of wanting to be everything to everyone and spreading ourselves too thin.

Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she hosts a powerful new moon meditation on Thurs Jun 10th designed to help you energetically amplify and activate your dreams pushing you on the path of destiny.

✔️Guided Meditation
✔️Shamanic Journey

No experience necessary. Benefits include:

⚡️Increased clarity
⚡️Increased ease, grace & flow
⚡️Doors opening & new opportunities
⚡️Increased sense of safety & security
⚡️Groundedness & balance

Photo Credit: Justin Dickey / Unsplash

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