Hold The Light

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May The Fourth Be With You💥


I’ve been working with Divine Mother a lot these dayzzz, lighting candles, doing the rosary and talking to the trees.


I’ve been working with the two Mary’s, Kali Ma, Kwan Yin, Gaia and The Goddess Venus. The work has brought a softening to my anxiety and sadness about the “state” of affairs in Ontario.


Compassion, hope, faith and INspired action have been the results of my effortINg.


I’ve turned back to Rumi for INspiration, who was a huge fan of the Divine Mother. Here is his poem The Victory Of Maryam. May it INspire you too to be the change we need so much today:


The Victory Of Maryam:

“If you are longing to caress the moon,

Don’t turn away from it!

If you are not ill, why do you crawl under a blanket to hide?

You are in a quarry of sweets.why do you look so sour?

You live in the spring of life, why are you withered inside? Don’t fight against yourself! Don’t flee from what could be your glory! Like a fearless moth, dive into the flame. Why be linked to your obsessions? Burn out in the flames, until your heart and soul are enlightened. Get out of the old carcass and form yourself a new body. Why are you afraid of a fox when you descend from lions? Why be a lame ass when you have the strength of stallions? The beloved you seek will arrive to open the door to your fortune, for love is the key that opens all your locks.”



Author Alana Fairchild says in her oracle card deck RUMI:

“You feel you are a mortal and I know you are divine. You feel you are not ready for the task and I know that triumph is only moments away. You reach to me for protection but you are me, and the protection that you seek is already with you. We are not apart. I am living through all that you are and all that you love, all that you have lost and all that you offer to me in surrender. I am in you as your courage and magnificence, and any task I send to you is simply one of the tasks for which you were born. You are an eagle with wings ready to soar. So I push you from the cliff top that you may know yourself.”


Hold the Line. Hold the Light my fellow Lightwarriors. Be the change. Create the alternative. Change the narrative. We were born for this moment.

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