Happy May Day!

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Happy May Day! Can you believe it’s already May 2021?? Time seems to be flowing so fast these days. The recent April full moon tried to show us you are enough as you are regardless of status, circumstances, career, or having the “right stuff”. The April supermoon was getting us ready for a very powerful new moon in May 11th and a very auspicious day May 14th that represents cosmic re-birth.


Many people have heard Grandmother’s April moon call to level up, to choose love, to choose happiness and flow in the direction of destiny instead of disillusion. She nudged you. She gave you signs. She gave you invitations. She lined up the shot for you. Did you take it? Many brave people IN-deed did hear the small still voice inside and have taken small steps forward. Many, sadly have not.


Sometimes living life on the spiral can feel lonely when you have to leave others behind to learn on their own and live in their own version of reality. We cannot save anyone despite our best efforts. We can only focus on ourselves and efforting to choose our own happiness.


Personal mastery invites us to continue on the path of evolution regardless of who or what joins us for the adventure. We will eventually find the others too who have heard the call and listened to their small still voice. Regardless of what path you choose, you are not alone.


Remember, we are all just walking each other h-OM-e. See you some-where along the path!️

Join us May 11th for May New Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark.

Photo by David Beale / Unsplash

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