Pink Supermoon In Scorpio

Soul Explorers!🤙

🔥From Fire To Earth🪵

How have you been feelIN?? This is a powerful month for energy. We started with firey Aries and ending with grounding Taurus. Time to put the inspired ideas , intuition and thoughts you received at the beginning of the month into action and root them into the physical world. Make that dream a reality!

Pink Lovers Supermoon on tap Apr 26th. It’s IN Scorpio 🦂 one of the most INtense water signs so doubly emotional. Most of us energy sensitives are feeling it now. Themes of control vs. freedom will be on tap so warning it’s going get IN-tense especially with further restrictions being imposed.

Join me for Pink Full Moon Meditation With Jennifer Clark.

Art by Banksy because I love Banksy.

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Mon, Apr 26th, 2021

7:30pm ET to 8:45pm ET

$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPal

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