Waking Up The Sleeping Lions – New Lightwarrior Training

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You Know Its Gonna Be A Great Day


Woke up today with the sun shining down on my face hearing the birds chirping away in my backyard and my 4 year old neighbor Iza belting out a song from Frozen in my front yard as she was waiting for her school bus to pick her up. Yep. Today is going to be a great day!


Spirit asked me in 2017 to create an army of light. It was after the death of my sister. My younger sister’s untimely death blew me wide open. Life was mystical and magical then even though it was the worst year of our lives. I didn’t know why Spirit wanted an army of Light but now I do. It is time to wake up the sleeping lions. It time to wake up the 144,000.


Today, I get to fully complete that request. Tonight I launch my new 10 week Lightwarrior Bootcamp online. It is a new accelerated program designed for Evolving Humans to navigate the crazy challenges of our modern times focusing on energy protection, the Lightwarriors creed, activating life purpose with special spiritual initiations and energy activations. INteresting, I wasn’t allowed to launch until after the big Spring Equinox and Easter.


I love how Spirit works. These experiences are perfectly timed since we’ve been having some interesting energy lately. The Easter energy portal did a lot of clearing and up-lifting. Forgotten knowledge is returning. Revelations and soul memories are being activated. The sleeping lions are stirring awake. The woke lions are roaring as loud as they can calling to their pride the clarion call of action.


If you are a Lightwarrior, we need you! A few spots left for tonight’s launch via Zoom. Payment plans accepted.

Visit www.lightwarriortraining.com.

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