March Supermoon Meditation

March’s full Moon—known in North America as the “Worm Moon—which by some definitions is also a supermoon.That’s because it occurs just a couple of days before perigee, the time of the Moon’s slightly elliptical orbit when it’s closest to the Earth.This is the first full moon of the new astrological year, making it feel like an extra special cosmic event that’s worthy of celebrating.This full moon is in Libra so an extra special time to re-solve any interpersonal issues and smooth over any disagreements. It’s a time to put all your issues out into the open and allow the full moon’s graceful Libran energy guide you toward a resolution.


Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark as she hosts a powerful full moon meditation designed to help you energetically resolve any outstanding issues, seek re-solution and harmony.

✔️Guided Meditation
✔️Shamanic JourneyNo experience necessary.

Benefits include:

⚡️Increased clarity & peace
⚡️Increased ease, grace & flow
⚡️Doors opening & new opportunities
⚡️Increased sense of safety & security
⚡️Groundedness & balance


Sun Mar 28th, 2021

7:30pm ET to 8:45pm ET

$22.22 CDN via Zoom / PayPal

Photo Credit: Jack Taylor / Unsplash

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