Happy Maha Shivaratri!

Happy Maha Shivatri! Today is the Great Night of Shiva!

According to the Birla Vedic Center – Centre vĂ©dique Birla, we are currently experiencing a rare Shoola Yoga, where all the planets are situated in only three signs affecting three houses related to specific areas of our life. This accentuates those areas, making things very intense for us. Lord Shiva uses his trident to ward off negative energy threatening to disrupt the harmony of our body, mind and heart.

During this period, prayers and devotion will be rewarded with good fortune. Let’s get stomping! Listen to this powerful clearing Shiva chant https://bit.ly/2OmkQgg.

All in all, this is a time of year when we close out old cycles in preparation for the beginning of a new one. Let’s erase the chalkboard of 2020 and start with a clean slate! We can do that best by starting within ourselves and working our way out.

Join me and mine this Sat Mar 13th Third Eye New Moon Activation to anchor in the new moon in Pisces helping us prepare for the great shift on March 21st.

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