Major Shift Happening!

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙

🧟‍♀️🥱New Moon Mania🥱🧟‍♀️

So the new moon in Aquarius is here! Sleep continues to be a challenge for many. After consulting your MD, ND, TCM, DO, DC, RN, RNP, OT, PT, RMT and you still can’t sleep, then maybe it’s time to acknowledge that you’re most likely an energy sensitive soul.

There is a HUGE energetic shift happening right now. (I would suggest since 1987 but hey who is counting). Many have felt this for the past 10 years with a significant amping up since the March Equinox 2019.

Changing to a healthier diet, drinking a ton of water, meditating, spending lots of time in nature, earthing, stretching, and doing a shit ton of chakra balancing/energy medicine helps.

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