INcreasing Your Point Of Attraction Activation

Increasing Your Point Of Attraction Activation
Thurs, Feb 11th, 2021
7:30pm to 8:45pm ET
$33.33 CDN via Zoom

Disappointments of all kinds are inevitable in Life, and how we cope with them is often a defining moment in our lives.

Often how we respond to disappointment is influenced by our upbringing.

Some people seek to avoid disappointment or rejection by underachieving, not participating or self-sabotaging. Others, seek to avoid it by overachieving and being perfectionists and hard on themselves or others.

When we feel abandoned, rejected or betrayed by family, friends or colleagues, we can feel isolated, alone and it feels personal. We therefore shut down our point of attraction and constrict the natural flow of Life.

Join Evolution & Energy Expert Jennifer Clark on the new moon in February, as she helps you energetically release blockages to self-love, forgiveness & freedom and INcrease your point of attraction to all good things!

This powerful energetic activation will help you:

* Increase Your Point Of Attraction
* Expand Your Vortex
* Release Negative Emotions
* Increase Acceptance, Forgiveness, Peace & Joy
* Balance Chakras
* Create Energetic Alignment

Photo Credit: Jude Beck / Unsplash

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