Life As A Highly Sensitive Soul

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Being A Highly Sensitive Soul

Sometimes it’s hard beINg me;) I’ve tried to explain a few times this week what’s it’s like being energy sensitive to people who aren’t. Even though I’ve been this way since my early 20’s, I still stumble over the words to explain to others what it’s like to know in advance that the weather is changing, when something big is about to happen, or when a big shift is coming. I’m a highly sensitive soul and sometimes life operates differently for me.

On behalf of the countless others like me, let me try to clear the air 🌬. No, we’re not depressed. No, we’re not afraid or anxious. Yes, it is situational responses to energetic downloads, upgrades, societal shifts, and quantum leaps. No, we’re not giving excuses not to participate in life. Yes, we need more regular sleep. Yes, we need to drink more water. Yes, we need to eat more light-filled food. Yes, we need time away from the public or people. No, we can’t be there for everyone all the time. Yes, we can’t show up some days they way we’d like because our bodies are so heavy we can’t move. No, we dont need to “see” a doctor as we’re already working with the other Earth medicines. No, we don’t need to “talk” with someone we’re already communing with Spirit directly. Yes, we need our loved ones understanding and support. Yes, we are not “normal” as we are here as the Evolving Human having an energetic response to all life helping create a new normal. — le sigh

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