Stay Tuned In!

Just a quick note to my regular followers. This month’s December regular M-Power Meditation night will be postponed. It was supposed to be held on Thurs Dec 17th but given it is so close to so many other auspicious power days, I’ve decided to cancel it.

Instead I am hosting The Great Event With Jennifer Clark on Sun Dec 20th tapping into the upcoming winter solstice. Please join me there if you feel so drawn.I also might be hosting an “ending” event honoring the last full moon in 2020 on Tues Dec 29th but plans still evolving right now.

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Friends we are IN one of the most powerful energy times of our lives. This December portal between now and Dec 21st and even up to Dec 29th is a time of incredible change and opportunity. Stay tuned IN and focused on what you want not what you don’t want.

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