I received a lovely testimonial from a space clearing client Tana S. recently. As a highly sensitive person, Tana could feel her space no longer supporting her life anymore and did something about it. When I visited her home, I could sense it too small for her huge energy field and potential. I discovered sadly that her dog was dying as well which normally indicates a HUGE transition for both pet and person. Obviously animals transition for their own reasons and it causes a tremendous amount of loss in the household. However, as a member of the “pack”, the death of the pet also is a powerful sign that indicates a much needed change to occur in the household they live in. It gives their hu(man) permission to do something different. To change. To move. To move on. To change things UP in some way.

Homes can get “stuck” and “stagnant” energy especially if there is dis-ease, strife, depression, conflict inside of it. Energy laylines and underground water also can reek havoc too. If your home is on or near a traffic corner also affects its energy. Good news is the correction is easy – when you know how to do it!

As we approach the last few weeks of the Piscean Age, pay attention to what needs your attention and INtention. Clear up clutter. Make your apologies. Start paying back your debts. Make things right. Clear UP your space both at home and at work. We’re about to enter into a whole new era. Pack light.

INterested in having a space clearing done? I’m happy to help! Best to do it before Dec 21st! https://bit.ly/2VaUVYN

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