🤙Soul Explorers!🤙 It’s Wisdom Wednesday! I’m hosting Part 2 of my 5 week transformational journey tonight getting us ready for the end of the Piscean Age on Dec 21st and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The end of this 26,000 cycle is monumental and is why many of us have incarnated on Earth at this particular time. The next 3 weeks is an incredibly “concentrated” period of time to shift your shit and make quantum leaps in your personal evolution.

Luckily, there is tremendous power in y(our) pain when we can tap INto it and transform it. Join us tonight at 7pm ET for Healing Negative Self-Talk With Jennifer Clark where we energetically clearing shame, guilt, self-loathing, and unworthiness from your energy fields. Drop IN’s welcome! $44 CDN via Zoom https://bit.ly/361kNg4

It’s time to re-start, re-set and re-birth your-Self into a whole new era! 

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Photo Credit: Dollar Gill / Unsplash

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