Divine Union

So as the cosmic 11-11 gateway approaches, I can FEEL the INfinite possibilities of answering the pivot question “what else is possible?” Can you FEEL it to??

If you’ve completed the “work”, you can FEEL hopeful, nervous and excited.

If you haven’t yet, you can FEEL anxious, aggitated or at odds with your-Self.

The soul is speaking loudly these days – often times yelling at us to change our mind, shift a perspective, re-solve or restore something or take action IN sOMe way.

Gentle warning, the soul wins. If you ignore IT too long, IT will create a “tower” moment (research the Tower card in the tarot) and take action for you to make the necessary changes you were afraid to make.

Join me and my tribe as we shift together Wed Nov 11th at 8:30pm ET 11-11 Gateway Activation With Jennifer Clark $33 via Zoom.

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