🦂It’s Scorpio Season!🦂

🤙Soul Explorers!🤙 It’s Scorpio season! 🦂 There is a need for the soul to break free from past conditioning to manifest the seed intention that was sown with the new Moon (last week). It is a time of dealing with our fears and insecurities to step forth with new ideas, intentions, relationships, etc. #getbusyevolving

Astrologer Kaypacha Lescher says “we can expect a very intense weekend with surprises of a sudden, extreme nature that may serve to tear us away from the past, whether or not we feel like “breaking free.” The advice is to use this psychic, emotional energy in the most positive way to liberate yourself and others from external people, beliefs, or conditioning that is boxing you in. Though it may be scary, it will be best to gather up your courage, embrace the change, and go into the unknown. You may be more ready than you think.” #getbusyexploring

I’ll be online Sat Oct 31st hosting Blue Moon Healing Experience With Jennifer Clark to help you capture the power and the magic of this full moon energy! #shift2gether


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