Thanks to my gal pal Andrea for sending me this yesterday. A perfect way to start a long weekend of lockdown approaching the start of a long Mercury retrograde!

“How can it get any better than this??” Imagine a huge Californian Redwood tree or BC’s Cheewat Giant in your sacral chakra and see it growing down to Mother Earth’s core and back up to the Great Central Sun. This will help balance you as you move along your weekend. Go outside and walk through a forest and surround yourself with the fall rhapsody 🍁🍁🍁. #treebathing #earthing

People who know me know that I’m a passionate Giant Tree Hunter and a major Tree Hugger;) I had a life altering experience when I took a group of people to visit the ancient rainbow eucalyptus trees on Maui in 2018. One of my dreams is to visit the Big Tree Trail in BC and visit The Cheewat Giant Canada’s oldest living tree on Vancouver Island thought to be thousands of years old. These old forest trees can grow as tall as a skyscraper and as wide as a living room. I’m super passionate about protecting these old growth forests and support the Ancient Forest Alliance. Sadly, almost 80% of these old growth forests have been logged in the BC south coast already:(. Port Renfrew BC might be the location of my next sacred retreat given travel outside of Canada may not still be safe and these beauties may not be around too much longer. Maybe we’ll loop back to Tofino. Whose with me? Join me in writing a letter to BC Premier John Morgan asking to protect this precious Canadian ecosystem.

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