So I was fortunate enough to have a check IN yesterday with one of my “coaches” Dr. Marguerite Rigogliso PhD founder of the Seven Sisters Mystery School. I have been working a lot with the Goddess Aphrodite Urania (cosmic Aphrodite) since 2017 around the time my sister died. Death takes you down an interesting road. The death of my younger sister cracked me wide open. It shone a blinding spotlight on my life as a woman, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother. I broke down and fell apart. Aphrodite Urania was one of the devotional figures (including Mother Mary) to help me get back UP.

Aphrodite Urania inspired many changes in my life since then and many workshops that I’ve curated to help women empower themselves like my popular Let’s Talk About Sex workshop. I’m looking forward to re-launching Bringing Your Sexy Back soon (it was cancelled due to Covid) and other new offerings that combine both the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of being a true Divine Feminine.

We all carry aspects of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us. Being a Divine Feminine has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or how you self-identify. It is accessing that long forgotten co-creative ability for every – body to create life, art, music, poetry, beauty, architecture, love, community, inspiration, magic and miracles.

The conversation yesterday went here, there and everywhere. I was tired. I was yet again at another crossroads feeling beaten down. Surprisingly, it landed on a deep and mature discussion about the use of Yoni eggs and Ben Wa balls. It was a fascinating tutorial from the divine about sexual health and how to help me get a “better grip” on things 😎. I kept thinking about my colleagues George Sabbagh, Wanda Cotie, and Jackie Leduc who already teach in this space. I love it how Spirit spices things UP. Living life on the spiral sure is interesting! And, it sure is going to make the weekend a lot more fun😁 We all could use more of that. To y(our) health! #getbusyliving #tgif #womenshealth

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