Be Grateful.

To say this has been an IN-tense week is an understatement. I’ve been pushed in every aspect of my life – as citizen, woman, daughter, sister, aunt, mother, advocate and entrepreneur. There is only so much one person can take. I appreciate the posts of my friends and colleagues Pamela Oliver Pete Bernard Matthew Stapley, Psychic-Medium have been sharing about the current and upcoming kray kray energies. This month will be one of the most challenging energetically as we approach the Dec 21st solstice.

I am getting back up on my soapbox to remind people that mental health still is the number 1 cause of death in our community. This f*&^ck up pandemic is just making this number 1 killer stronger. What’s worse it is starting to affect our children at much younger ages and stages because of the controls, fear and isolation surrounding Covid. My son won’t be able to see his grandparents or his cousins this Thanksgiving as many families will be flying solo. No more play dates with his friends. I had a cold 2 weeks ago and wasn’t allowed to see him and take my shared custody arrangement for “fear” of getting him sick and his classmates at school (which I understand). For 2 weeks, I’ve been self-isolating, and when I went out of my house on my own property wearing a surgical mask and stood 6 feet away from another human, I was treated like a leper by the fearful. I wanted to scream out loud “I have a f*&^cking cold you dumbass'”. People have allergies. People get colds. It’s part of life and living. I’m not sure where common sense went but I do know as the winter approaches, we have to find a better way of living with each other during these Covid times.

As we approach what will be a very different kind of Thanksgiving as a collective, I want to remind every One to be grateful. If you are healthy, be grateful. You have freedom to move about this world freely without judgement from the fearful. If you have a job to complain about, be grateful. You have some kind of income and security. Millions of middle class people and self-employed entrepreneurs do not. If you are buying or selling a house in a crazy sellers market, be grateful. You have assets. Many do not. Sky high rents in Ottawa is making even renting unaffordable. If you have a car that runs, be grateful. You have a kind of freedom many can only dream about. If you are deciding what to cook for Thanksgiving, be grateful. You have food. You have shelter. You have community. You have the means to make choices for your family. Many do not. And finally, if you can actually hug another human on a regular basis, be grateful. You have connection. Many do not. If your eyes opened to see another sunrise, be grateful. Many will not. Just be grateful 🙏.…/news/say-no-thanks-covid-19-thanksgiving

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