Go Smudge YourSelf

Time to clear the air!

Energy has been a little intense of late as we get closer and closer to the December Solstice marking a quantum leap into 5D. As our societies, beliefs, and bodies shift, we also need to clear up the air around us. Burning incense and smudging has been part of ancient cultures and religions around the world including modern day Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Hinduism & Buddhism. Smudging was used during the great plagues to help remove airborne bacteria and can be a very beneficial activity to do in your own home every week. My grandmother would burn Frankincense every week and walk around “blessing” the house.

Today, I woke up with an intense need to clear my space. Changed the bed sheets, vacuumed, dusted and then smudged the shit out of everything. (Hint pay attention to where your smoke alarms are and best to open windows if you can)

Some common incense you can find are Frankincense, Myrrh Namchampa, and Dragon’s Blood. Some common plants to burn in North America are sage, sweetgrass, cedar, blue spruce, bay leaves, cinnamon, many of which can easily found outside and in local stores.

Do yourself a favor and go smudge yourself!

PS: What is your fav smudge element?

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