M-Power Meditation & Message Night Thurs Aug 20th

Join Evolution Expert & Professional Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer Jane Clark as we tap into the powerful spring frequencies of new growth and new beginnings. Join us as we connect to Gaia / Mother Earth to help us grow up and out our true life’s purpose.

The evening will start off with a non-denominational guided meditation to help you ground, balance and align your chakras and m-power your energy bodies and boost your immune system. This experience will deepen your own connection to your own inner wisdom, your own Inner Presence, and your spiritual team of guides and angels.

Jennifer will then offer 3 “group” readings to the participants with oracle cards & her connection to Source.

We will be connecting via Zoom online conference.

Benefits include but not limited to:

Increased Energy/Vitality, Peace, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Chakra balancing, Emotional balance, Grounding, Direction, Clarity, Focus, Inspiration, Community

This is a non-denominational experience open to the public. No experience is necessary.

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