The End of Days or The End of Ways?

The End of Days or The End of Ways?…

Last night, as I prayed for the people of Beirut, I wondered are we really at the End of Days timeline? This year certainly has made so many people think so. Then a small still Voice whispered “You are at the End of The Old Ways”. It struck me as a powerful paradigm shift – first within my-Self and then in context to the whole planet vis a vis this whole year. What if these tragic events have to keep happening until we as the collective decide to truly change? As Keanu Reeves found out in the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (a must see by the way) that humanity doesn’t change until it is forced to. I hope that is not the case. Many like me have been born and incarnated on this planet at this time to be a voice for the alternative; to be a path towards a different way of living and being and doing. Now is the time to turn Inward and connect to whatever holiness exists within you and remember we have choice.

There is a powerful astrological event this Saturday Aug 8th known as the Lion’s Gate when our Sun and the planet Sirius (also known as “sun”) meet on Orion’s Belt to flood the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt with Light. Powerful downloads of energy, ideas, inspiration, creativity, solutions can be received – if you are open – if you are willing – if you are ready to receive. Are you? Will you be just experiencing the End of Days or will you step up and champion the End of The Old Ways?

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