Make a choice or the choice makes you.

Make a choice or the choice is made for you…..Ghost Rider

One day…..or day One…

I created something neat on my travels yesterday here there and everywhere. I ran into so many people that I needed to reconnect with Nikki Laframboise & Janine Charron); the synchronicities were so magical. I had the realization I was spending too much time waiting for some-thing to happen , waiting for some-One else to do some-thing giving my power away to some-thing or some-One else. I had the obvious realization that I needed to simply make shi(f)t happen my-Self.

So I got in the car and got out of Dodge. My home was too confining and I need space. I needed nature. I needed water. I needed to fall back in love with my-Self. I needed to stop watching my reflection from someone else’s mirror.

As I was driving alone blasting my man Post Malone I discovered I get really creative and inspired driving especially when I am out in the country. #natureismyjam

As I was chair dancing inside my car by myself (yes, I’m that person) I downloaded a “new way” (new to me;)) to manifest using your own internal re-Sources. I tested it on the road and within 30 minutes I received a positive tangible result. I’m testing my process with a few trusted peeps before launching it publicly. I want to make sure it works.

It was an idea that “just dropped IN” on the road. It was a game changer for me and switched UP the way I do things. I am super excited to use it and eventually share it with others.

Energy is moving fast. Things are changing at lightening speed. Can you feel the wind? It’s clearing a ton of shi(f)t.
But when things are stuck, move. Shift. Get an energy healing. Move your body. Excercise. Dance. Have sex. Get a massage. Move around furniture. De-clutter (ask my friend Karen Bickerton for help). Try some feng-shui (ask Katie Flo) for her guidance. Clean. Clear the decks. Vaccuum. Shift your focus (ask Pam Oliver Intuitive for help). Finish up unfinished business. Get crystal clear. Tie up loose ends. Cut the dead wood. Get outside. Spend time in nature. PS: Stay tuned for a SD summer sober rave at Elements that we’ll be hosting sometime in August. Just get in the car and drive.

Karen Oprea this one is for you Sistar! I miss your Mini’s surround sound;) This just might be this summer’s anthem “wow”. #shift2gether Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark

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