Happy New Moon Hive!

New moon on tap Saturday hive! Yeehaw! This one will be pushing you to live with purpose and intention. No more sitting on the fence about some-thing or some-One. This new moon magic will shed its light on relationships especially friendships and strategic alliances. The people you hang out with help dictate where you go and how you flow. Do you need an UP-grade? Time to level UP. #levelup

Then on Sunday we have the solar eclipse and summer solstice vibes helping you use the FORCE to make y(our) world a better place. Join me and my tribe online M-Power Meditation & Message Night – Summer Solstice Ceremony#shift2gether Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark

And remember during all of this, Merucry is retrograde affecting communication, delays, traffic, mechanical break downs, technology, injuries and accidents.


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