Many of us feeling the vibes of the two eclipses ⚡️. The lunar eclipse last Friday is pushing some-thing or some-one up and out our y(our) life while the upcoming solar eclipse on Jun 20/21 is pulling some-thing or some-One up and IN. The old is leaving. The new is arriving. Free will still needs you to step UP, take action and make a conscious decision. It’s time to shi(f)t or get off the pot 👊. The universe is watching..and waiting 😜. Will you be complacent and stick with the status quo or will you step up and champion your own change and happiness? What do you choose? 🤷‍♀️

Join me and my hive for a virtual sacred fire Sun Jun 21st M-Power Meditation & Message Night – Summer Solstice Ceremony 7-9pm ET. #shift2gether Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark #solsticecelebration #sacredfire

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