Have You Noticed?

I’ve noticed…🧐

I’ve noticed people are angry 🤬 on FB these dayz for one reason or another. Makes sense since we are entering what is called the “eclipse corridor” tomorrow with the first of 3 “back to back” eclipses (Jun 5th lunar, Jun 20th solar, July 5th lunar). Things get churned UP 🌪 on purpose during these astrological events 🌠.Things are brought UP🤮to be revealed and healed🌿.

I’ve also noticed that if you post up an alternative thought or different opinion, dialogue quickly becomes heated debate 😤where the alternative is immediately condemned as “bad” and “wrong”. I’ve noticed censorship from the top down and down up 🤐. I’ve noticed people waving their fingers at others in judgement. I’ve noticed what was bad is now good and what was good is now bad. What I also k(no)w-ticed is that opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one but they forget that theirs can stink too 💩. So I’m choosing the alternative route and taking the road less travelled 🛣. The main roads are full of too many “idiots” careening out of control 😈🚧😝.

This is a picture of the pink and purple sacred fire 🔥 that some of us are starting to see in the skies at sunrise 🌅and sunset 🌄. It is a “holy” fire that transmutes negative energies man-made or otherwise. It represents love 💜, peace 🕊and harmony 🌈. It is frequently used in energy medicine, alternative healing modalities, prayer and meditations. I am posting it up today to help shift the dialogue back to the middle in my own little world 🌎to try to create a bridge 🏗🌁between “right” and “wrong” or “good” or “bad”. Feel free to post it up too if you feel so called.

I’m hopping online tomorrow at 1:00pm ET for the lunar eclipse to help shift things into love, peace and harmony Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Healing Experience With Jennifer Clark. Free to participate but registration is required. Replay available for those who can’t make it live. #shift2gether #love #peace #harmony Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark


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