Adapt & Overcome

So as the calendar flips over to June, my thoughts turn to the graduating classes and those kidlets that won’t get quite the same experience as we did “in the good old days”. The new normal is quite interesting isn’t it? #newnormal

Even this picture represents the concept of adapt and overcome. Dave and I had other dates for prom both of whom were one year younger and both of whom attended the same summer camp. They were both called to work as counsellors 1 week early and had to cancel on our senior prom. Dave and I were both”dateless” so we went together as friends. #both

Life has always been full of unexpected surprises and challenges hasn’t it? My life the last 3 years can sure attest to that! However, since 2020 kicked IN, things have been evolving more rapidly and changing more quickly. It’s really important to detach from expectations and learn how to pivot. People who live in fear are having a hard time with all this change. Adapting your mindset is super important. Life is just too fluid right now to properly predict. The energy is amping up and evolving with the cosmic Quickening process. People are changing just as quickly. Soul contracts are completing rapidly and dying off abruptly and other new solid ones are being birthed just as fast.

People are coming. People are going. Stay rooted in who you are and what you desire to experience. The circumstances and players in your life story might change but the overall outcome will be the same if you can hold onto the feeling of what you desire and require. Remember to keep asking “what else is possible?” and “how can it get any better than this?”.

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See you at the fire! #shift2gether Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark

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