Make Room

So spent the past 3 dayz werkin’, de-cluttering, re-leasing, re-claiming, un-covering & dis-covering shi(f)t. Hugs to my friends & neighbours (I’m talking about you Nathan Strom 👊) for lending me a helpful hand 🤚🏻💪🏻.

Re-claimed my reading area /meditation space 🧘🏻beside my fireplace for my-Self and created a play area / 🤹boy cave in the basement for Little Man.

My body is sore 💆🏻‍♀️ and am in desperate need of a massage. However, I feel accomplished 🥊 . I can feel my house open UP with new energy🏡 🌻💥. I smudged the shi(f)t out of IT with copal which helped move 🔥🌪⚡️ a ton of stagnant energy.

I found this throw back pic of the 4 amigos. It was my birthday about 20 years ago. I got us tickets to a Sens game where I caught a fly puck with one hand that could have seriously hurt one of my girls. I had my drink 🍺 in one hand and caught the fly puck in the other. For my fantastic feat, I got myself on the Jumbotron (and the phone number 📱of one of the Sens 👅).

There are three significant things about this pic, First, I am genuinely & authentically happy. Two, sadly one of the four babes in this pic is no longer with us🌈🥀🕊Three, behind the photo was taped this quote. Life is precious loves. In joy Life while you can. Make room for the new 🌷. Make room for play 🤸🏻‍♂️. Make room for those you love 💜. Make room for magic 💫✨💫. #ripvoula

Join me for a special 🌞Summer Solstice 🌞ceremony Sun Jun 21st honoring the new M-Power Meditation & Message Night – Summer Solstice Ceremony #shift2gether Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark

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