I love everything about growing things 🧑🏼‍🌾🌱🌻🥕gardening especially growing your own food. I’ve been on the food security bandwagon as well as preserving fresh water 💦 sources for the past 20 years. I think green spaces including lawns should be used to grow food. I think everyone should recycle water somehow. I’ve studied the way Third World countries make shit happen and am especially impressed how the Child Haven orphanages create fuel and heat (childhaven.ca).

I read the famous The Ringing Cedars of Russia books 🥇🏆📘(ringingcedarsofrussia.org) in 2001. If you can get past Vladimir Megre’s male chauvinist perspective of the series’s heroine Anastasia, the books are life changing 🧨 for people who grow vegetables, garden or who want to protect Mother Earth 🧩🌍. It is a fascinating series of 10 books. It took me DEEP down the rabbit hole back then with Larry Bravar and we attended conferences with the lovely English-speaking editor, Dr.Leonid Sharashkin, organized groups here in Ottawa and generally drank the kool-aid 🧃until I became drunk on making my world a greener place.

It inspired an idea 🎯🎆💡not yet realized with Bruce Murray Firestone to use wasted NCC land in Ottawa East for community gardens and local food sources with an educational component for local schools and youth detention facilities. The creativity in the air is making me think of that “old” idea again.

Here’s what my son and I have been doing during “The Great Pause”. We’re growing peppers, 🌶 pole beans, strawberries 🍓, mini tomatoes 🍅, basil, jackfruit, sunflowers 🌻 and taking a stab at avocadoes 🥑 for the fun of it. #makeshifthappen #shift2gether

I’ll be seeing you online again to help plant your seeds of new beginnings on Thurs May 21st at my next monthly online M-Power Meditation & Message Night. Investment is $20. Registration required.

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