The Gods Must Be Crazy🤪

It’s official. The gods must be crazy. Or very very pissed off🙀. Lucky my winter tires are still on😹. Sure seems like Spring won’t let us injoy her until we wrap up the unfinished business from last season.

Funny, today is the new moon of Spring🤪. This new moon in Taurus 🐂 is an Earth 🌍 sign. New moons 🌕support new beginnings. What have you “unearthed” the last 4 weeks? Focus on your home 🏡, the foundation you stand on, the place you grow from. What dreams 🌃 💡🪔 🔮 are trying to grow up and out of it? What fears 🔬🦠 have popped up to be plucked out and healed? Time ⏱ to pull up the weeds and cut the dead wood to make room for the new growth. Begin to plant the seeds of your future. Claim it 🧲The future is y(ours) for the taking.

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