Friends on the fringe, exopolitics junkies, spiritual warriors, dragon riders and all who are aware they are living on the spiral, join me on Tuesday at 3:00pm ET for an act of ascension and a declaration of sovereignty. Free to participate. 

In response to the very interesting energetic times we are living, I am guided to offer this FREE energetic experience using two powerful ascension symbols – the Sword of Excalibur and the celestial Dragons – to join a group of conscious Earth citizens to (re)claim our Divine Sovereignty and course correct Terra Gaia’s ascension path.

This will be a short and sweet yet powerful experience.

Excalibur is a sword of freedom and autonomy. Jennifer was gifted the use of Excalibur in 2005 because of her past life experiences in Camelot.

Dragons are celestial beings that work directly with Arch Angel Metratron and are a critical force of light in the current ascension process. Jennifer met her first real dragon leading a spiritual group of travellers in IAO Valley in Maui in 2007 and has been a dragon rider ever since.

Please note that Jennifer will not discuss the many theories about the “new world order” but will go straight into the energetic experience. Therefore some helpful preparing would be to watch these video beforehand :

Magneta Pixie
Laura Eisenhower
Aaron Doughty


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