Outstanding! Thanks to everyone who hopped online with me today to push forward power, potential & possibility for tonight’s M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark🙏🌷💥.

We “planted” seeds for the planet tonight. Let’s see what WILL grow! In my guided dream journey, I “planted” a mulberry bush in my future landscape. In these types of powerful subconscious experiences, you just go with the flow and let Spirit guide you. I didn’t know what a mulberry tree/bush looked like or meant so I had to look it UP later. This is what I found: “mulberries are such giving plants. They provide food for humans and animals alike. People connected to the mulberry tree meaning, will have the same tendency to give, provide, protect and nurture others around them. In this same light, mulberries are natural magnets for all kinds of life”. #doh! Yup. Sounds about right! You can’t really make this shit up.

Didnt get a chance to register on time? Replays available for purchase.

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