February M-Power Meditation & Message Night!

Making Shi(ft) Happen!

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

1271 Carling Avenue

Best Western City Centre Plus Hotel

Bytowne Room

$20 at the door

Join us for an auspicious day of making shi(ft) happen at my next M-Power Meditation & Message Night this Thursday, February 20th, 2020.

I just so happened to have scheduled my February monthly gathering on a very powerful day. It is 20.02.2020. 22 is the powerful master builder. When your unicorn adds light to number 22 it helps you manifest your dreams, especially those that will benefit humanity.

22.Start working towards your vision and build it on a solid foundation.

22.22 It is time to take action now.

When you read this post, it is a particularly good time to tell the universe your vision for the year 2020. The upcoming new moon on February 23rd is also going to help shift things forward too! You must take your ideas out of your head or air or ether and put them down into the physical or concerte plane. Create a vision board. Make a list. Write out an affirmation or strat map. Write a poem. Create a piece of art symbolizing your goal. The cosmic tide was not running at the beginning of January but now it is, so set your dream and then start to activate it on 20th February. Join us at our M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark and activate it ALL!!

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