Activate The Higher Heart

Activating The Higher Heart

Sat Feb 15th, 2020

1:00pm to 4:00pm

The Healing Mansion

16 Helene Boulle

Aylmer, Gatineau


Many people search for The One. Some are unhappy with The One they are with. They tend to feel unloved, unfulfilled and many times not safe. Drilling to the energy medicine of it all, the answer invariably became not about the partner they choose but about the person they took into the relationship, themselves. Unless you do the healing work, you bring issues from “situation-ship” to “situation-ship” re-creating the same crap over and over with some-One-Else.

One of the biggest issues is self-abandonment. It occurs when you project out the responsibility for your feelings and self-worth onto others or onto some-One else. It happens to all of us in childhood at some point to varying degrees depending upon how loved and safe we felt. These cellular imprints get imbedded into subtle our energy bodies and we wear our wounds energetically. When we go out into the big wide world, these imprints create distortions in our experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly and cause us to re-create repeated patterns of the same challenging experiences over and over until we clear and heal them inside out.

In what can feel for some the never-ending search for the perfect partner, what you’re really doing is looking for someone to give you the perfect love your parents never could. You think that if you can just get your partner to give you this perfect love, you’ll always feel okay. But that’s not true.
This stuck cellular memory can cause you to behave in destructive ways. Many can go into “control mode” – trying to control your environment or relationships for optimal success. Control can be subtle though. It can show up in unexpected ways. Not only can it show up as possessiveness, it can show up as being overly nice and compliant, being quiet and subservient, or being overly caretaking. In each of these patterns, the wounded you is trying not to be rejected or abandoned or left out.

We cannot connect with others when we’re disconnected from ourselves. We cannot share love with others when we’re not speaking out truth, creating boundaries, taking care of ourselves and not sacrificing for another.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and this one artificially created day can cause single people to shiver. We’d like to take back the power of Valentine’s Day and re-create it as a day of self-love and self-empowerment.

Join us for an afternoon of energy activation of the “higher heart” where Jennifer Jane Clark & George Sabbagh will help you shift into a more resourceful energy field of joy, gratitude, self-love, worthiness and hope.

Jennifer will guide you through a powerful clearing of abandonment and then energy activation of the “higher heart” that will help you point your inner compass at “true north”.

George will guide you through simple and light yoga movements (which can be done seated) and stretches to awaken the body, help shift blocked energy and expand the higher heart to be a beacon of light for you and your desires.

What to bring:

Dress comfortably

Bring a yoga mat and water bottle

Chairs will be provided as well as light refreshments

RSVP in advance – space limited to 19 people

Open to men & women

Payment: Interac e-transfers of $80 to or PayPal via this link

Directions will be provided upon registration. Approx 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa across from Parc Gatineau

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