Strong As A Mutha…

Strong as a mutha….😉

Last year was a hard year in so many lesson-learning ways. My son and I went through a dark period late last summer. I was dealing with the death of my sister, her estate, my failed marriage, a lost love and a business that was barely surviving. I was overwhelmed and had nothing left to give. Unfortunately, my little (hu)man took the brunt of it. Super sensitive to me and not being able to help me, his 7 year old Self acted out his emotions the only way he knew how. It got so bad between us I almost gave his Dad full time custody for a while. I was on my hands and knees in prayer desperate for an solution. I went to traditional counselling and so did he. Luckily the army of wise women and warrior grandmothers showed up Jane Clark Thea Helen, Thea Vassilia, Cathy Coady Connie Patterson Angela Fung Dana Hunsberger and Pamela Oliver. They prayed and worked on Liam and I regularly energetically which, along with counselling, made the world of difference. My super intuitive friend Amy Kells told me all would be well almost overnight by Christmas and she was right Something clicked. All the “werk” worked. It’s like night and day now. He is kind, considerate, give me hugs and listens more often. I now only have to deal with the “regular” 7 year old stuff which I’m happy to hold space for. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine. We talk all the time and are planning to go see Marshmellow at Bluesfest this summer. I wanted to acknowledge this village of mothers without whom I would have failed my son miserably. Sons are really connected to their mothers. I was 43 when I had him. I waited so long to bring this Light into the world. I felt like such a failure. I am grateful to my village for keeping us afloat and keeping both of our lights on.

Special thanks to Gillian Szollos at the Carelton Community Health Centre who is a “traditional” therapist with a cosmic warrior twist. If you need some help, give her a call.

So shout out to all the mom’s, grandmother’s, aunties, caregivers, teachers, counsellors, nurturers, protectors and all around earth angels doing God’s work. It truly take a village. After all, we are just walking each other Home.

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