Cosmic Weather Alert

*Cosmic Weather Alert*

There’s a lot of “moon” / shadow energy out there. As with every month, we are in between a new moon and a full moon but this year it FEELS different. Things are AMPED UP. The first new moon of the year/decade was on Jan 24th which SHOOK things UP with a lot of “rude awakenings” for many. We’re now gearing up for the powerful full moon in Leo on Feb 9th. The upcoming full moon in Leo brings ENERGY, COURAGE & PASSION to go after what you desire putting focus on home, family and intimate relationships.

During this particular ‘phase’, things are not as they appear. People hide things that they are ashamed of, or that they feel are “bad,” harmful, or will get them into trouble or disliked or perhaps even kicked to the curb. Quite hard to navigate when you are intuitive or energy sensitive and interacting with someone using subterfuge even if for altruistic reasons. They need you/want you but will you stay or do if you know the whole truth? They fear that so they give you half the truth or hide part of IT. But the truth hurts sometimes doesn’t it? Being lied to hurts more. It makes it harder to choose, commit, and plan when there are so many conflicting “realities” being presented. When someone hides information they take away your right to make a new informed choice. It feels very icky in the body doesn’t it?

What to do? Ground. Root. Dig deep into your own desires, needs, requirements, goals, outcomes. Stay true to you. Breathe. Take a moment to feel your body. Assume the best in the Other while asking open-ended questions. Ask your-Self “what would Love do?” Remember everyone is doing the best they can. If you love this person or want to work with them, give them the benefit of the doubt. Some are hiding the truth from themselves and don’t even know it. You might have an awareness that they don’t. Take a step back if need be to get perspective and re-connect back to your-Self. Talk it out. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Fortunately, a good honest heart to heart usually can course correct most things. IF two people “stay on the bridge in Love” and are willing to speak their truth and LISTEN to the TRUTH of the Other no matter how painful it might be to HEAR, love can course correct. Love is THE most transformative FORCE. Love might suggest you stay on the bridge and work things out and create a win/win or it might tell you to take your toys and go home and find another playground. You’ll ALWAYS make the right decision if you stay in love. #thepoweroflove #thetruthshallsetyoufree #truthhurts

Namaste Friends,
J ox🍒

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