The Art of Radical Appreciation

January has been a month so far of “rude awakenings” and sudden “deaths”. It is heart-warming to know you are appreciated; that you matter; that your Light was seen and had a positive impact on others. #kobe

I received this lovely testimonial from a woman who attended my January M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark . It hit home right to my heart at a time when my heart was broken and shattered ðŸ’”. But then, I remembered the cracks are where the Light can flow IN âš¡ï¸#rumi :

“The Creator knew we needed leaders on Earth who could “build it & they would come”. Her ark of modalities, shared learnings & gifts are beyond one’s imagination and understanding. Simply put, she is magical.”

You never know what twist and turn life will send your way. One day someone you Love Is There. The next day maybe NOT. Practice radical appreciation of yourself and others. Say I love you. I forgive you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I appreciate you. Say it often and everyday especially to those who love you unconditionally, take care of you and make you a better you. Don’t just save your appreciation for strangers, people you fan or gush over. Make sure those you love know you appreciate them without a doubt. Back UP your words with right action. Write a review. Send a note or a text or make a quick call. Small shifts can make a huge difference. #dotherightthing #fullofshift #radicalappreciation

–Namaste Friends,
J ox🍒

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