Cosmic Weather Alert New moon on tap!

M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark​ tonight!!

All hands on deck! It’s going to be a go(o)d one! New location Best Western Plus City Centre/Centre-Ville​ across from Westgate mall. Free parking. $20 at the door.

New Moon in Aquarius tomorrow!

It’s all about unity, need for change, truth and creating foundations for your future. Those who you allow or invite into your life now will be part of your bigger picture purpose. The focus for this year is stability, order, planning, work, and creating long lasting foundations from the bottom up. New Moon in Aquarius is teaching us a new way to create foundation and stability in our lives, by focusing on outside the box solutions for creating the lives we want. We are learning to follow unexplored ideas, new paths, healthy self-expression, and ultimately our inner joy and intuition to create the lives we want. We are learning to engage with life!

Venus and Mars are in a slam dancing in a mosh pit so this may how up as tensions in our relationships. We are being shown where we are angry, frustrated, and where we lack self control. The question here is, how do we bring in more beauty, joy, abundance into our lives? New Moon in Aquarius answers: by being yourself and loving who you are! Our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world. Need some help? Join us Sunday for Beyond Words-Transformational Certification -Access BarsClass​

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