Naked. Raw. Real.

The upcoming solstice has made me super reflective and I’ve been spending time in prayer and ceremony releasing, forgiving and honoring what was, what IS and opening UP to what will BE. One of the main lessons the past decade has taught me is that life is short, “accidents” do happen and that I need to spend time with people and activities that bring me joy, and that which honors and respects my True Essence – naked, raw & real. I’m very purposeful now especially after the year of growth and humility I’ve experienced this past cycle.

Join me and my merry band tonight at the RA Centre for my last M-Power Meditation & Message Night With Jennifer Clark of the year to bless this cycle on purpose. I’ll be tapping into the new frequencies of 2020 and beyond anchoring IN love, peace and harmony. Aho. Amen. So IT IS 🙏.

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