The Road Less Travelled

Many of you who follow me know it’s been a really tough 4 years and one of the toughest 365 dayzzz. I didnt know how I’d survive it all or if I’d survive at all.

Death, divorce, disease and disaster all visited my home. I call them the 4 Apocalyptic Horsemen. It is still tough but thankfully I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Big hugs to numerologist Laura Young for the perspective).

Loved ones helped carry me forward and friends and loyal clients pushed me through. There were times I didnt want to get up. There have been many times I wanted to give up. I’ve come to realize unless you’ve walked the gauntlet and made it to the other side you really have no clue what it feels like. The Spectator can judge you as weak; that you must be broken or somehow damaged to attract so much shi(f)t. Then The Positive Police roll up and tell you to tap out the negative emotions and all will be well. (note: I am a huge fan of EFT).

During these intense times of grief and loss, the only way is “IN” not out. There is power IN the wail of a mourning sister 🙍🏻‍♀️; IN the cry for a family forever changed 👩‍👦and IN the soul sobs from a woman for her lost love🥀. The trick IS to feel IT; to ALLOW the pain to wash over you and then release it 🌪. The release might take time as you live different phases of life, the first birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and so on and you may need to release numerous times when this happens.

My sister will be “gone” 3 years this January 🌈. The loss doesnt get easier; it gets different. In my situation, during those 3 years so many other losses occurred, it would have made even Atlas fall down 🏋🏾‍♂️. The Universe demands balance so I am grateful for the many blessings and miracles along the way as well🙏. I now laugh more fully 🤣 and love more deeply 💖.

So as I reflect on the end of this decade, I take nothing for granted and try to appreciate everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m really looking forward to this new year/new decade.

Sharing this article in case you are warrioring UP ⬆️ and walking the gauntlet with me. The journey Home does have its dark phases but this too shall pass. I see you brother. I see you sister. I feel you and cheer you on from the other side 🥁.

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