Lift Off With Jennifer Clark

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

4:00pm to 5:00pm ET

$30.00 CDN

Zoom online webinar

Register here 

Do you want to look and feel younger?
Do you want to look and feel lighter?
Do you want to look and feel better?

It’s time to lift off and remove the projections and beliefs of others off of us and claim our true authentic selves.

In this powerful 1 hour guided healing experience, Professional Spiritual Teacher and Transformation Expert Jennifer Clark will help you remove the masks that keep you stuck, old, tired, beaten, battered and bruised.

Negative projections of others, social identities, limiting beliefs, life challenges and stress can all cause early aging and heaviness around the face and in the body. It can also cause constriction and limitations in your outer world.

It’s time to let your light shine through! Let’s shift that shi(f)t!


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